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Utah's Smart Cities Industry Group

Whether you are a city interested in smart cities or a tech company, you will want to be a part of Utah Ignite, Utah’s Smart Cities Industry Group.

Utah’s Technology Response to COVID-19 with State of Utah CIO and IT Director

Smart Cities Data Exchange

Secure and interoperable exchange of data beyond city operational boundaries

Platforms for Advanced Wireless Research

City-scale wireless testbeds in a public-private partnership

Funding Opportunities

Government grants and other funding opportunities for Smart City Projects

$25,000 Grant Competition 

Utah Geek Events

Smart Cities and Connected Communities

Utah Geek events is hosting a competition for developing Smart City and Connected Community Apps. Utah Ignite is sponsoring up to $25k for apps that meet its Gigabit requirements. Read more at: Utah Geek Events – Smart Cities and Connected Communities Competition. Apply to participate in the competition at Utah Geek Events.

Utah IoT and Smart City Meetups

Join us at our Utah IoT and Utah Smart City Meetups. Click here to join our Utah IoT Meetup group. Find out what Smart City and Gigabit Projects are going on in Utah. Meet Utah Entrepreneurs and Businesses working in the Smart City and IoT Space. Find resources to fund and grow your IoT, Gigabit, or Smart City Business.

Grant Funding for Utah Smart City and IoT Technologies

Talk to us about grant funding for Smart City an, Gigabit and Iot Technologies

Utah Smart City and IoT Projects

Check out our list of Utah Smart City and IoT Projects currently going on in the state of Utah

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