Utah Smart City and IoT Projects

Check out some of the current or planned Smart City or Internet of Things projects going on in Utah.

Utah Smart City and Internet of Things Projects


City of Orem

Automatic Meter Reading for Water Meters

Bowen Collins & Associates (BCA) completed an independent analysis of the city’s water infrastructure and identified the following projects in need of immediate attention to preserve the quality of availability of Orem’s water:

Replacement of 22,000 Water Meters: BCA has recommended automatic meter reading infrastructure to allow residents to get regular readings each month and throughout the month so that citizens can detect leaks and breaks in their water lines. The automatic meter readers will enable residents to closely monitor their own usage and make changes as they see necessary. This will be a great budgeting tool for families to help monitor water usage and costs. This project will be slowly implemented. The city is in the process of applying for a one-million dollar grant from the feds to assist with implementation.

Clean Air Monitors

Orem partnered with UTOPIA to install real-time clean air monitors on Utopia huts located in Orem City parks. https://www.purpleair.com/map#12/40.2975/-111.6889

Traffic Counts

Wavetronix devices are installed throughout the city at major intersections. The devices provide up to date traffic counts. https://www.wavetronix.com/





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