Utah Geek Events - Smart Cities and Connected Communities Competition

There is $25,000 in funding to develop applications or technologies for Smart Cities and Connected Communities. Technologies must require high speed internet

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In Funding

(This challenge is funded by the National Science Foundation through a grant to US Ignite)

Utah Ignite-UTOPIA Smart Community Gigabit Applications

  • Applications Open: June 20, 2019
  • Information Meeting/Webinar: June 20, 2019
  • Due Date: Mid-August, 2019
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What We Are Looking For

Smart Community Gigabit or Ultra-Low Latency Applications; Streaming Interactive Virtual or Augmented Reality; Applications where
Interactive video, 4K video, 360 degree video, or 3D video is required; Interactive Big Data Visualization; Smart City Internet of Things doing real-time ultra-low latency control of actuators, signs, signals, etc. (Cyber-physical Systems); Anything that couldn’t run effectively on less than gigabit-class networking that can be tested and deployed on the UTOPIA Fiber Network.


The End Product Must Have a Gigabit Application

What is a Gigabit Application?

A gigabit application or service should make a significant impact in education (including workforce development), healthcare, transportation, public safety, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, or have other direct visible impact that will be widely appreciated by Utah citizens.

Utah Ignite


Utah Ignite is a partnership between the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce and US Ignite, a program under the National Science Foundation. Utah Ignite is one of about 25 Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) throughout the United States.

“US Ignite spurs the creation of next-generation applications and services that leverage advanced networking technologies to build the foundation for smart communities, including cities, rural areas, regions, and states. The nonprofit organization helps to accelerate new wired and wireless networking advances from research to prototype to full-scale smart community and interconnected national deployments.”

Utah Ignite is also an important part of the Utah Smart City Eco-System. As a Gigabit Community, Utah Ignite Exists to Find the New Light Bulbs for the Internet Age. “Electricity is history. Today we face the next-generation infrastructure: gigabit networks. Global visionaries here in Utah see the need for these communication networks, even as they struggle to explain the “light bulb” that will make it plain why a super-fast Internet network is as necessary as running water and a universal electric grid.”

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Utah Geek Events – Smart Cities and Connected Communities Competition Details


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$25K potential award here are the details/requirements.  


Targeting Smart City applications and especially those that take advantage of gigabit networking, latency, real time impact. NSF grant is for gigabit smart city eco-system. Here is the link to Gigabit Application Requirements

  •        Runner up teams can receive award funding at the discretion of US Ignite.
  •        First prize is “up to” $25,000.  Utah Ignite will recognize the winning application with award funds of up to $25,000. Runners up may receive award funding as well at the discretion of US Ignite.