Utah Ignite Services

Application Development Awards – $10,000 dollar grants provided by the National Science Foundation from a grant through US Ignite. Offered several times per year.

Reverse Pitch – Utah Ignite conducted a Smart Air (Gigabit Solutions) Reverse Pitch. Funding was awarded to a UofU Air Quality Team to develop imaging technology that could scrolls through current and historical air quality monitoring sensor data at a micro- or neighborhood level.

Business Competitions – Grant funding for gigabit technology business competitions. 

Funding Opportunities – Other government funding opportunities that Utah Ignite is aware of for the Utah Tech Community.

Utah Smart City Directory – a directory of smart city companies, organizations, and projects in the state of Utah.

Networking/Meetups – Meetups and networking events in the state of Utah, including the Utah Internet of Things meetup with over 1,000 followers.

Strategy Smart City Development

Current Utah Smart City Projects