Application Development Awards Proposal Template

Who Can Apply?

Application development teams may be from U.S.-based companies, academic institutions or non-profit organizations. Application development teams must have a signed supporting agreement with Utah Ignite for consideration. Applications from unaffiliated individuals, acting on their own will not be considered.

Application development teams must have a signed supporting agreement with the SGC community leadership for consideration. Applications from unaffiliated individuals, acting on their own will not be considered.

How to Submit

This proposal should be completed by the application development team with guidance and feedback from Utah Ignite. Please complete the application and send it to Peter Jay at [email protected]. Further guidance can be provided by the US Ignite National Technology Leader prior to submission. The proposal should be uploaded by a member of Utah Ignite as a PDF document along with a PDF copy of the signed MOU between Utah Ignite and Application Development team.  See Application Development Awards Description for more information.


1. Project Scope and Features
Please provide a brief description, key features or functionality, benefits, and identify the intended users and how they will benefit. (10pts; 400 words or less)

2. Gigabit Features
Please describe specific information of how this will use any of the key elements that distinguish advanced gigabit applications (What is a Gigabit Application?) such as throughput, ultra-low latency or use of advanced networking protocols. Describe the advanced gigabit features of the project including any details about why current networks would be inadequate to support the application/service. (10pts; 100 words or less)

3. Sharing
A key element of the SGC effort is the sharing of applications, services, capabilities or practices between communities. Please describe what elements of this project can be shared with other SGC communities such as code, practices, open APIs, services, etc. Explain under what type of license the results will be available; open-source licenses (at least for SGC communities) can help promote sharing, but other types of licenses may be appropriate. (Optional: List any additional SGC communities known to be interested in the development of this gigabit app or service.) (10pts; 100 words or less)

4. Key Project Participants
Please list the key members of the team who will contribute to the project success, including their roles and relevant skills. (10pts)

5. Project Activities & Timeline
Please provide a high-level outline of the proposed project timeline including milestones, critical steps and a projected release of a minimal viable product. Projects of more than one year will not be considered. (10pts)

6. Anticipated Challenges
Please list some of the anticipated challenges of creating or running this gigabit application or service and any steps to mitigate risks involved. (10 pts; 100 words or less)

Reporting Details
7. Project Budget
Please use the table below to provide a breakdown of how this award would be used within the project such as hardware/software costs, personnel & fringe benefits, or other expenditures. Budgets can be proposed for up to $10,000. If you need additional space for budget justification, please include as a supplemental sheet to the PDF.

Budget Category Estimated
Fringe Benefits
Other: Materials
Other: Publications
Other: Publications
Other: Consultant Services
Other: Computer Services

8. Additional Support & Partners
Please lIst any additional partners providing material, financial or logistical support that will help this project succeed.

9. Measurable Outcomes
Please list three measurable outcomes of the project that would indicate success. This could include anything such as a shareable application, published API, number of users, production of data, number of downloads, product demonstration, or other measurable outcomes.