Active Transportation Counter Pitch

Let’s create a low cost active transportation counter. Bring a team to the Utah Ignite and Bike Utah Pitch Session. These counters will be used to make Utah a more fun and safe place to walk and bike.

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(Part of this challenge is funded by the National Science Foundation through a grant to US Ignite)

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Active Transportation Counter Pitch Application

  • Kickoff, Brainstorming, and Ideation – February 16th – March 1st. 
  • Build Prototype – March 1st  – April 5th (Check in meeting week of March 15th)
  • Pitch – Week of April 12th
  • Application Form: Apply Here


  1. Kickoff, Brainstorming, and Ideation – February 16th – March 1st. 
  2. Build – March 1st  – April 5th (Check in meeting week of March 15th)
  3. Pitch – Week of April 12th 


  1. Each team is 3-6 members.
  2. Each team must register through (registration form).
  3. Event communication/posts/discussions will be handled through a slack channel in the Bike Utah slack space.  At least 1 member from each team will need to be part of the channel to get updates/announcements.
  4. The competition will work in steps.  Points will be granted after each step and then a final total will be granted at  the end. Each step will have specific tasks needed to be completed. The team can move at it’s own pace but the competition will have events for each step
    1. Step 1 –Brainstorming/forming the ideas and the team.
    2. Step 2 –Ideation.  Idea is solidified and work begins on Idea.
    3. Step 3 –Build
    4. Step 4 –Selling/pitching selling your idea/product/concept
    5. End product should be a working prototype counter.

Reverse Pitch Details

Award: Up to $10,000. (Funds are provided by US Ignite, under the National Science Foundation, and Bike Utah).

Process: The initial kickoff for the event will be on February 16 via online meeting. The Active Transportation Counter challenge will be presented to the tech & entrepreneur community. The tech & entrepreneur community will be given a limited amount of time (2 months) to come up with their solutions and submit final applications, based on the counter requirements and other criteria we provide at the kickoff. Up to three competing groups will be chosen as finalists. The finalists will then be given the tools and resources to create prototypes of their submissions. Applications will be reviewed by US Ignite, Bike Utah, and other event sponsors.

Why Active Transportation Counters?

Multiple organizations concerned with active transportation, including Bike Utah, Cache County, MAG, UDOT, Utah Ignite, Utah Valley University and WFRC, have come together to create a design competition to facilitate the creation of a low cost active transportation counter.

The existing active transportation counter market has not been able to provide a price point that allows for widespread implementation. Comprehensive active transportation count data is necessary to make the case for, and best support biking and walking infrastructure. Many transportation budget decisions are made based on the measured demand. In many cases pedestrians and cyclists are underrepresented due to a lack of viable ways to measure their activity.  Keeping the price down is key to installing the counters at scale.

Existing counters can cost as much as $15,000. The goal of the competition will be to create a counter that retails at less than $1,000. Priority features include ease of installation, minimal maintenance requirements, remote count and diagnostic data updates.

The End Product Must Have a Gigabit Application

What is a Gigabit Application?

A gigabit application or service should make a significant impact in education (including workforce development), healthcare, transportation, public safety, clean energy, advanced manufacturing, or have other direct visible impact that will be widely appreciated by Utah citizens.

Utah Ignite

Utah Ignite is a partnership between the Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce and US Ignite, a program under the National Science Foundation. Utah Ignite is one of about 25 Smart Gigabit Communities (SGC) throughout the United States.

“US Ignite spurs the creation of next-generation applications and services that leverage advanced networking technologies to build the foundation for smart communities, including cities, rural areas, regions, and states. The nonprofit organization helps to accelerate new wired and wireless networking advances from research to prototype to full-scale smart community and interconnected national deployments.”

Utah Ignite is also an important part of the Utah Smart City Eco-System. As a Gigabit Community, Utah Ignite Exists to Find the New Light Bulbs for the Internet Age. “Electricity is history. Today we face the next-generation infrastructure: gigabit networks. Global visionaries here in Utah see the need for these communication networks, even as they struggle to explain the “light bulb” that will make it plain why a super-fast Internet network is as necessary as running water and a universal electric grid.”

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